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Halloween fic for October! I hope you like it! Thanks to daltoneering for looking over this for me and slightestwind for listening to me rant about the idea for it. ♥︎♥︎

SummaryVampire Alternative Meeting AU; Blaine meets an attractive guy at a Halloween party dressed up as a vampire. Things get weirder from there.

They meet on Halloween night at a party.

It’s a party Sam is throwing and Blaine is pretty sure the even he doesn’t know half the people here, though that doesn’t seem to concern him at all. He’s chatting it up with a few pretty model types and Blaine is sort of wandering around the party, holding is glass of way too spiked red punch and trying to find one of their actual friends to talk with.

“That looks yummy.”

Blaine stops walking and turns toward the voice. It’s a guy, sitting in the lip of their window, feet on the fire escape. The black cape he’s wearing sort blows a bit in the nice fall breeze.

“The punch?” asks Blaine, holding his cup up.

The guy’s eyes sort of sparkle. He laughs. “Yeah, sure.”

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chordover Kitty time

chordover Kitty time

All I saw was another potential victim of my hubris. Yes, I created this madness. But you, Barry, you can stop it. You can do this. Now run, Barry, run!

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best of parks and rec - season 3


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