Here have some hogwarts!klaine in the form of Slytherin!Kurt and Hufflepuff!Blaine with just a touch of angst because apparently I can’t resist

“Mr. Anderson, can I see you in my office, please?”

Blaine’s eyebrows furrowed as he saw Professor McGonagall looking at him expectantly.

“You better go,” Britney whispered, lightly shoving his shoulder.  “I hear she turns you into a ferret when she gets mad.”

“That was a different teacher, Brit,” Blaine replied as he nodded at the professor.  “He doesn’t teach here anymore.”

Britney sighed as she turned to walk away.  She squeezed Blaine’s hand once as he straightened his Hufflepuff tie, walking towards the woman who seemed to be waiting expectantly.  She led him up the stairs to the Headmaster’s – or Headmistress, in this case – office, gesturing to the seat across from her desk.

“Umm, Professor,” Blaine said once they were both sat down.  “Can I ask why I’m here?”

She nodded.  “You aren’t in trouble,” she told him. 

“Okay,” Blaine responded.  “So then why –”

“It’s about Kurt Hummel.”

Blaine sighed as she said his boyfriend’s name.  Kurt wasn’t the typical Slytherin – he didn’t usually get in trouble.  Sometimes he would make illegal potions and sell them, or come up with certain spells that did certain things to a person (Blaine was forbidden to talk about those) but, usually, he never got in trouble for any of it.

“Look, Professor,” Blaine started to recite his well-rehearsed sales pitch for Kurt, “I know that he sometimes doesn’t follow the rules, but he’s not a bad kid, and –”

“No, no, he’s not in trouble,” her voice was softer now as she looked at Blaine. “It’s just the day that his mother died, and he’s been missing all of his classes…”

“Oh god,” Blaine murmured, rubbing his temples.  He knew that the day was coming up, but the fact that he’d forgotten…

“I know you guys have gotten close in the past year or so,” she went on.  “So maybe…”

“I’ll go make sure he’s okay,” Blaine said, his voice practically a whisper.  “I – I’m going now. Thank you, Professor.”

She nodded at Blaine as he hurried out of the room, mentally slapping himself for forgetting.

He had to be the world’s worst boyfriend.

As he all but ran to the Slytherin common room, he started putting together an apology speech to Kurt.  They’d only been boyfriends for a few months now anyway, and he should have known that a Slytherin dating a Hufflepuff wouldn’t last long anyway, that he’d eventually screw something up –


Blaine sighed as he turned to see Santana leaning against the wall.  She was twirling her wand in her right hand, the green from her scarf practically shining against her darker skin.

“Look, Santana, I’m kind of in a hurry –”

“Your boy is upset,” she said.  “I expect you to fix it.”

 Blaine groaned and reached down into his pocket just to make sure his wand was there.  With Santana around, you never knew when you would need it.  “That’s where I’m heading,” he told her.  “So if you’ll excuse me…”

“Break his heart, Anderson,” she said. “And I break you.”

Blaine got that speech at least once a day since they started dating.

Once he was inside the Slytherin common room, he slowly walked up to the boys’ dormitory, kneading his hands together.  He didn’t want Kurt to hate him for forgetting, but sometimes he could be a little aggressive and –

“Go away,” a rough, cracking voice said from the other side of the door.

“Kurt,” Blaine said softly as he poked his head in.  “It’s me.” He went to step into the room before he quickly turned around and fished his wand out of his pocket.  “Accio flowers,” he whispered, watching as a set of flowers from who-knows-where flew into his hand.

Blaine pushed the door open wider then, giving him a full view of Kurt.  His eyes were red and swollen, his nose just starting to turn pink and his face pale.

“Oh Kurt, baby,” Blaine whispered, walking over to his bed and placing the flowers down on the nightstand.  “I’m so sorry,” he murmured as he ran his hand through Kurt’s hair, hoping that he would be invited into the bed with him.  “I’m sorry I forgot and I’m sorry you had to be here alone and I’m sorry that it even happen and I’m sorry that –”

Kurt chuckled and tugged on Blaine’s arm, forcing him down on top of him.  Kurt’s bed smelled so much like Kurt, and maybe just a hint of what Blaine thought was an illegal potion, but he couldn’t be sure.

“I’m not mad at you,” Kurt whispered into Blaine’s neck as he practically buried himself into Blaine’s body.  “I needed some time to myself anyway.”

“Oh,” Blaine said, making to stand up.  “Do you want me to go? Because –”

“No no,” Kurt replied, shaking his head.  “I want you here now.”

“Then I’m here,” Blaine whispered, pressing a kiss into Kurt’s temple.  “For as long as you need me, I’m here.”

Kurt nodded and sighed, closing his eyes and just inhaling Blaine.  “I wish I could see my dad,” he whispered.  “But he can’t exactly apparate here.”

“Muggles,” Blaine said, “There’s so much they can’t do.”

Kurt laughed and gently elbowed him before propping himself up to look Blaine in the eyes.  “Thank you,” he said, and this was why he loved Kurt.  Because, while he was creative and stealthy and a little evil sometimes, and 100% Slytherin, Kurt was Kurt.  He was sweet and kind and he always made Blaine feel loved.  “For the flowers, and for just being here.”

“I love you,” Blaine whispered, pressing his lips gently to Kurt’s.  “If you need me, I’m here.”

“Such a Hufflepuff,” Kurt murmured against Blaine’s lips as he moved to climb on top of Blaine.  “You’re loyalty never really fades away, does it?”

Blaine laughed as he gently moved his hands to Kurt’s hips, letting himself get lost in the taste and scent and feel of his boyfriend.

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