Fic: The Final Battle

Based off of this beautiful piece of fanart by magicalplaylist of Kurt defending Blaine during the Battle at Hogwarts.  I saw it and I just couldn’t resist writing something for it.

~1,300 words of Hogwarts!Klaine

Kurt is fuming as he watches Killing Curse after Killing Curse aimed at Blaine.  His Blaine, his sweet, noble Blaine doesn’t deserve to have such a horrible thing thrown at him, he hasn’t done anything wrong, he just wants what’s best for the school, Hogwarts, Kurt, he’s just trying to save them and protect everyone but himself –

Kurt feels himself let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as yet another green spell misses Blaine, and really, the chances are so, so against him, one of them should have hit him by now.  It’s not even normal that every single one has missed him, that they’ve all been just a few centimeters to his left, or a few inches too high.

And then, just like that, Kurt watches as Blaine falls, as an angry bolt of red light from one of the Death Eater’s wands hits Blaine right in the chest, and Blaine’s falling, tumbling to the ground until his head hits the brick with a harsh thump, and Kurt only has a few milliseconds to thank everything he knows that it wasn’t green, that the spell wasn’t the Killing Curse, that Blaine isn’t dead, at least not yet.

Kurt feels their presence just a few short seconds after he drops down next to Blaine, desperately searching for his pulse, because this is so unfair, they only had a few months together – together together, that is - only a few weeks of them being able to kiss and hold hands and coo over how much they love each other.  He glances at Blaine again, the red on his sweater catching his eye just as he turns around and reminding him that his boyfriend is so strong, so courageous and noble, and he doesn’t deserve to die, not like this, not when they’ve fought so hard just to be together.

Kurt’s red and black snake coils himself around his neck, hissing at the Death Eater’s and Dementors that are quickly closing in, seeking them out, noticing that Blaine is an easy target and that Kurt is only one person, he’s only a single Slytherin and he’s weak and blinded by love for a Gryffindor.

But Kurt doesn’t care, not this time, not when his Blaine is lying unconscious on the floor behind him, and they’re going to have to get through him first.

Kurt can feel the chilliness creeping in from the Dementors, he can sense the dread and can hear the sound of his mother’s voice ringing in his ears.  He hates this, he hates what they do and what they are capable of doing, but he sucks it up.  Kurt takes a deep breath and raises his wand, ignoring how his arm is shaking, and then with everything he has, he conjures up every memory he’s had with Blaine in the past few months.

He sees them sitting outside under one of the trees on the grounds, feeding each other Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans and laughing at the faces they make.  He pictures them quickly running for the Room of Requirements, after a long day of teasing glances and knowing touches, and once they’re finally inside, he remembers how Blaine kissed him, how his strong hands held the back of his neck in place, keeping their faces together and their lips sucking and kissing and nipping.

And then it’s there, the small but powerful, wispy, silver canary is shooting out of the end of his wand.  Kurt wants to breathe in relief, but not yet.  He keeps his focus, watching as the Patronus shoots around and drives the Dementors back.  And, as an added bonus, Kurt grins as it confused the Death Eaters, and only when he’s sure he can make a quick break, Kurt hastily pockets his wand and scoops Blaine up in his arms before sprinting out of the room.

He runs and runs, ignoring the weight of Blaine in his arms, the only thoughts running through his head are safe and Blaine and get Blaine to safety, make sure Blaine’s ok, he’s fine, he has to be fine.

And then, before Kurt even realizes, they’re safe in the Slytherin common room.  Kurt is thankful that it’s still one of the places that haven’t yet been invaded, but he knows that he doesn’t have a lot of time.

He sets Blaine down on the sofa and kneels beside him, stroking his face and eyelashes and eyelids, willing for him to wake up, for him to be alright.  He whispers in his ear, plants kisses to his cheeks and lips, and it isn’t until the first tear manages to squeeze its way out of Kurt’s eye and onto Blaine’s cheek that he stirs.

Kurt feels a weight lift off his shoulders as Blaine’s eyelids flutter, the burning hazel finally shining in the darkness of the common room.  Blaine coughs a little, and Kurt’s hand caresses his cheek, because he’s okay, he’s awake and looking at Kurt with confusion and love and, Kurt can see it clearly now, Blaine is scared.  It hurts Kurt heart, seeing his brave Blaine scared, seeing the fear in his eyes as he looks at Kurt.

“You’re okay,” Kurt whispers, unable to resist pressing another soft kiss to the corner of Blaine’s mouth.  “I’ve got you.  You’re safe now.”

Kurt watches as Blaine swallows, his Adam’s Apple bobbing in his throat.  “We need to get out of here.”

Kurt nods, his eyes filling with tears again at how wrecked Blaine sounds.  The fact that Blaine wants to leave, that he’s had enough of the fighting and the sacrifice, is sign enough that he’s serious. 

Kurt fishes the Marauder’s Map out of his pocket, quickly opening it and activating it, his eyes scanning and searching for something, anything, to get them away from the school safely.

And then he finds it, a small passage way from the Slytherin common room, that will lead them into Diagon Alley.  It’s something Kurt’s skimmed over several times, not taking any notice to, but here, now, it’s the most valuable passageway in Hogwarts.

He points it out to Blaine, who nods vigorously, and both of them know that it’s their only option.  All of the Death Eaters are here, Voldemort is here, so, as long as the passageway works, they’re in the clear.

Kurt helps Blaine stand up, and just before they enter the passageway, Blaine’s hands tug Kurt close to him, his lips seeking Kurt’s own and meeting them in a soft, tender kiss.

“I love you,” Blaine breathes as he pulls away, and Kurt feels his own breath catch in his throat.  This is the first time they’ve said it out loud, and, even though it’s always been implied, it’s something that Kurt doesn’t realize he needed to hear until it’s out there and heard. 

“I love you, too,” Kurt breathes, and he kisses Blaine again, just in case it’s the last opportunity he gets.

“I know that us running away goes against everything Gryffindor stands for,” Blaine whispers against his mouth, “but I don’t want to leave you, and I don’t want to be without you.  Not yet, not when it feels like I’ve only just got you.”

Kurt nods and pulls away from Blaine, his hands stroking down Blaine’s sweater and smoothing it out.  He feels his snake slithering next to his feet, while Blaine’s hands squeeze his hips gently.

“Lucky for us, we can use the excuse that I’m a Slytherin and am, therefore, a selfish individual.  We’ll just say I’m a bad influence on you, like everyone’s been saying from the beginning, and then we’re basically in the clear.”

Blaine smiles, the first time he’s smiled since the battle started, and Kurt thinks he looks so beautiful in the dim light.

With that, he grabs Blaine’s hand, and together they enter the passageway, Kurt’s snake trailing close behind them, hoping for their safety and their future.

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