Summary: Kurt and Blaine try to take a picture with their son, wanting one of the three “men in the house.”  Idea based off of this fanart by penanggalandoll

This can either be based off of my Doing Something Right (aka Daddies!Klaine) ‘verse, or it can be read as a standalone.

Note that Zoey is 15ish and Parker is 6. And Maddie, the middle child, is mentioned briefly, but she’d be around 10.

Also P.S. I’m on winter break now and am really feeling this ‘verse so hit me up with prompts.

“Come on, say cheese,” Zoey says, sighing as Blaine continues to poke Kurt in the side while Parker giggles in front of them.

“It’s not my fault!” Kurt shrieks, trying to shove Blaine’s arm away.  “Your dumbass of a father –” Zoey raises her eyebrow at him, and Kurt huffs and shakes his head.  “I mean, your idiot of a father won’t stop tickling me.”

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Doing Something Right Prompt: something based off of this gif

meeting the first boyfriend / the argument / first heartbeat / sexuality crisis 
(or for chronological order, go here)

In this installment, Zoey is 5 and Maddie is 5 months.

If there was one thing Kurt hated about his job, it was summers.  Summers where he woke up at 7 A.M. every morning for work, summers where he had to leave his family behind for the day, summers where he had to say goodbye to his husband – whose job as a kindergarten teacher gave him summers off, the bastard – and his daughter, or daughters, Kurt thinks, smiling at the thought of five month old Maddie.

So, yes, Kurt hates leaving his family during the summer.  He would love to stay home with them and Blaine, to see how they function when there’s no school and no work and they can just lounge around in peace and enjoy the sun while they have it.

But he does.  Every morning he goes to work, and every evening he comes home to a smiling Blaine and a laughing Zoey and a gurgling Maddie.

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Doing Something Right Prompt: Parker is a little older and asks Blaine or Kurt if it’s okay if he likes a girl because everyone else in the family likes boys. *u*

Previously: meeting the first boyfriend / the argument / first heartbeat (although each can be read as a standalone)

In this installment, Parker is 13, Maddie is 17, and Zoey is 22

Also, a warning: Maddie apparently has a potty mouth as a teenager, so there’s a wee bit of swearing. So probably a T rating.

~1,600 words

Blaine grins at Kurt as he walks into the apartment, toeing off his shoes and running a hand through his hair.

“How’s Zoey?” Blaine asks as he comes in to the kitchen, sitting across from him on one of the counter stools. 

“She’s good,” Kurt says as he picks up a roll from the oven tray next to Blaine.  “She’s really excited.”

“Well, she did just get engaged,” Blaine grins, poking Kurt gently in the hand with his fork.  “If I remember correctly, you were buzzing with excitement for days after I proposed to you.”

Kurt smiles at him, and it’s that sly smile that Blaine’s grown to know, the one that still makes Blaine’s heart flutter because it’s so Kurt, and it’s so them and it’s the smile that only Blaine gets, the smile that’s only for Blaine.

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Doing Something Right Prompt: Kurt and Blaine listen to their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Previous parts of the ‘verse can be found here, although each can be read as a standalone.

 Also on ao3 and S&C

~2,000 words

Kurt hums to himself as he glances at his phone, grinning when he sees Marley’s name on the screen.  He catches Blaine’s eye from his spot by the kitchen counter and waves him over to the couch before answering the phone and putting it on speaker.

“Hey, Marley,” Kurt says as he sets his phone on the coffee table. 

“Hi, Kurt,” she says through the line.  “Is Blaine there?”

“Yeah, you’re on speaker,” Blaine says, grinning as he plops down next to Kurt.

“Great!” She says.  “I just wanted to tell you guys that I scheduled the first sonogram for Wednesday.”

Kurt and Blaine both freeze at her words, turning to look at each other with wide eyes.  Blaine’s face slowly breaks out into a mile wide grin, and he reaches over and grasps Kurt’s hand tightly in his own.

“Can we –” Blaine starts, breaking off to clear his throat.  “Can we come?”

Marley scoffs at the other end of the line.  “It’s your baby,” she says, letting out an amused laugh.  “Of course you guys can come.”

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Doing Something Right Prompt: Blaine and Kurt have an argument that leaves their kids worried.

Previously: meeting the first boyfriend (although this one can be read as a standalone)

In this one, Zoey is 9, Maddie is 4, and Parker is around 6 months old.

A reminder to track the tag “fic: doing something right” for updates. I also post to ao3 and S&C. And feel free to drop prompts in my ask.

~3,700 words

Blaine did not have a good day. The kindergartners had been, for lack of better words, little shits all day, and the flu was going around, so on top of that, they were puking everywhere. He’d struggled that morning to get Maddie into acceptable clothes and into her preschool classroom in one piece, and he’d had to fight tooth and nail with Zoey in order to convince her that it was okay for fourth graders to wear their hair in ponytails. He’d barely made it into his own classroom in time, only to be greeted by a kindergartener crying about her snow ruined shoes.

Kurt has been incredibly busy at work for the past few months. He leaves early in the morning almost every day, including Saturday, and he comes home late at night, after Blaine has already put the kids to bed.

Blaine sighs as he pushes open the front door to the apartment, tugging Maddie inside, Zoey trailing in behind them. He smiles at the babysitter as she walks up to him, but he knows that it looks strained.

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Prompt: Kurt and Blaine’s daughter brings home her first boyfriend.

So, alright. That prompt happened, and then my mind exploded. Like, seriously exploded. It started as them just having one daughter, and then I couldn’t choose between two names, so I gave them two daughters, and then I felt like they needed a son, so I gave them a son.

Zoey is 14, Madeline (pronounced like Mad-uh-lynn), Maddie for short, is 9, and Parker is 5. At least in this fic. Blaine is a kindergarten teacher, and Kurt works for Vogue.

I’ll put more notes at the end. But just note that this is becoming a ‘verse to be tagged “fic: doing something right” and I will be taking prompts.
~4,700 words

“Kurt?” Blaine calls as he walks in the door, having to physically push Parker in so that he doesn’t run out and down the stairs again, Madeline trailing a bit behind them.  “Babe, we’re home.”

Blaine helps Parker out of his jacket and closes the door behind Madeline, shoving both of their shoes next to the pile beside the door.  “Kurt, are you –”

Kurt comes rushing over to them, shushing Blaine and holding a finger up to his lips so that the kids know to be quiet.

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